Our facilities

In our facility in Wanica we work in a temperature controlled environment with the latest equipment. It also includes a 650 square feet chiller in which our self-supplying ice bunker is situated and in which the fresh fish is stored before processing.

The factory

In the factory the fish is either being packed on ice for fresh export to the Caribbean, Europe or the U.S. or it is processed in one of our three blast freezers, after which it is packed in boxes or bags and stored in our cold-store.  

The ships

Currently, the fleet of Marisa Fisheries consists of 12 trawlers, fishing with bottom trawl nets and targeting a variety (>40 species) of high quality demersal fishes in Surinamese waters. A regular fishing trip lasts on average 5 days and results in a catch of 15-25 tons of fish, depending on the season and the storage capacity of the fishing boat.