About us

Marisa Fisheries is a fishing company based in the district Wanica, close to the capital city of Suriname. Since its establishment of 2003, the company has been growing steadily.

Besides whole fish, we can also provide most species in other processing forms, like gutted, scaled, steaks of fillets. All of this of course under regulations of the “European council for food processing and packaging of seafood for human consumption” and we also comply with FDA regulations. It is because of these standards we can ship our fish, fresh or frozen, by air or by container, to almost anywhere in the world.

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The major part of the fish products are exported to the Caribbean region (ca. 70 %). There is also export to Europe (ca. 27%), the US (ca. 2%) and Asia (ca. 1%). The export market is focused on the marketing of frozen fish products; only five percent of the exports consists of fresh fish products.

Marisa Fisheries lands circa a third of the industrial catches, and 16 % of the total catches, and is therefore an important player in the Surinamese fishing sector.


We hope you will be surprised by our varied range of fish, fresh and frozen.

Maybe we could establish a good business relationship, for now or in the near future.


Marisa Fisheries is committed to continuously evaluate and improve the sustainability of their fishing activities. Vessels are trawling with lightweight fishing boards and nets to minimize the impact on the marine ecosystem. Our captains limit the duration of a tow to ensure a good survival rate of the discarded fish. Marisa Fisheries is actively assisting and supporting the fisheries department in collecting all necessary data to gain better insights in the stock status of the fish species that thrive in our waters.

Guided by local and international researchers, our company is also experimenting with fishing gear adaptations and alternative fishing gear which can decrease discard rates, catch of threatened species and fuel consumption.